Via Angelo Emo, 11/b, 00136 Roma, Italia


FantAflat is located in one of the most visited historic districts in the world.

We are just beyond the walls of a small state guarded by the majesty and beauty of St. Peter’s Dome and the Vatican Museums, where art and religious worship come together to accompany you through the streets of the Eternal city.

FantAflat is located in Via Angelo Emo 11-B, where hospitality, simplicity, but at the same time refinement of the furnishings, will make your stay unique, so as to make you feel at home.

Our completely new rooms are equipped with every comfort.

Located a few steps from the metro In Cyprus, it will allow you to easily move around the neighborhoods of a splendid city rich in history.

From Piazza del Popolo to Villa Borghese touching the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain you will immediately immerse yourself in the past of an Empire.

For shoppers, a walk in Via Cola di Rienzo, a few steps away, is a must, to reach Via del Corso, where boutiques and small artisan shops await you.

Good stay.


Fontana di Trevi
Via dei Condotti
San Pietro
Largo Argentina

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